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Dating a finance guy blog

For example, if I was dating a fashion designer I would never profess to being a fashion expert because I attended a fashion week show.It's important to stick to what you know and not try to impress.Naturally, he'd also party as if he was back in college, getting so drunk that he'd unleash his pent-up wrath on the nearest server, barback or cab driver he could find.1.Money Comes First (And Always Will)As How About We points out, the great part about dating someone in finance is that they probably have a large disposable income they can spend on romantic dinners, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and, well, you. How much they make will almost always come up on the first date (UGH), and most likely, any emotional problems you have will have to be explained in dollars and cents for them to understand and/or sympathize. They Don't Get It When You're Not Interested This creepy list was written by an investment banker who simply couldn't take unreturned texts and calls as an answer that a first date didn't want to see him again.As long as we’re on the subject, there’s this post from angry at Wall Street?

You might have casual Fridays, or even Summer Fridays (all you agency folks out there), but that doesn’t mean you should slack off on building up your Excel skills and learning how to be productive.It’s tough to tell when an internet phenomenon reaches actual meme status.But, in the case of the “creepy finance guy,” I think we can finally call it. , which doesn’t outline his career much beyond Does Things With Money. ” Were it not for these tinges of sincere(-sounding) insecurity, you’d easily write off the “Date Response Form” as a big, elaborate prank.dont end up like one of the chumps who settle for his secretary because he's so godamnn career-oriented he never has time to find someone he really likes.i mean, looking at some of these pictures, med school chicks are quite cute, to my surprise. i always thought they were the dorky pimply types back in college who studied 24/7.alright bitches, links deleted.

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To be perfectly honest, if you’re doing detailed and complicated work in Microsoft Office, chances are you’re not going to be using your Android phone (or any phone for that matter) to fix a “N/A” formula in your Excel file.

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