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En: Let's begin by reviewing the most minimal requirements for a forum.

It is a way for a primary insurer to protect against unforeseen or extraordinary losses.

From the above diagram, takaful holders are individuals or companies that buy the Takaful products either General Takaful products or Family Takaful products and pay an agreed upon premium to the Takaful operator to protect them from unforeseen risk and also extraordinary losses.

If you think about it, we couldn't possibly construct a forum without users, threads, and replies.

So let's tackle those first.01 Initial Database Setup With Seeding 02 Test-Driving Threads 03 A Thread Can Have Replies 04 A User May Respond to Threads 05 The Reply Form 06 A User May Publish Threads 07 Let's Make Some Testing Helpers 08 The Exception Handling Conundrum 09 A Thread Should Be Assigned a Channel 10 How to Test Validation Errors 11 Users Can Filter Threads By Channel 12 Validation Errors and Old Data 13 Extracting to View Composers 14 A User Can Filter All Threads By Username 15 A Lesson in Refactoring 16 Meta Details and Pagination 17 A User Can Filter Threads By Popularity 18 A User Can Favorite Replies 19 The Favorite Button 20 From 56 Queries Down to 2 21 Global Scopes and Further Query Reduction 22 A User Has a Profile 23 A User Can Delete Their Threads 24 Authorization With Policies 25 How to Construct an Activity Feed with TDD 26 How to Construct An Activity Feed with TDD: Part 2 27 Extracting Controller Queries to the Model 28 The Activity Deletion Bug 29 Flash Messaging With Vue 30 A User's Activity Feed Should Include Favorited Replies 31 Authorized Users Can Delete Replies 32 A Vue Reply Component 33 Ajaxifying the Delete Button 34 A Vue Favorite Component 35 Squashing Bugs 36 A More Data-centric Approach 37 A New Reply Component 38 Laravel and Vue Pagination 39 A User Can Filter By Unanswered Threads 40 Thread Subscriptions: Part 1 41 Thread Subscriptions: Part 2 42 Thread Subscriptions: Part 3 43 Thread Subscriptions: Part 4 44 Test Refactoring 45 Thread Subscriptions: Part 5 46 Refactoring for the Better or Worse?

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The astonishing results of the underestimated Islamic Banking in Pakistan have compelled the decision makers of normal interest-based banks to dedicate at least one of their branches as Islamic Bank.

With such a wide spread appreciation from the general public in respect of Islamic Banking it is expected that any Islamic product like Takaful will reap the same result because Muslim jurists conclude the fact that insurance in Islam is based on the principles of mutuality and cooperation.


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