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But Washington state’s public disclosure laws allow requests that are both anonymous and massively broad.

The activist’s request encompassed over 360 terabytes of data: 1.6 million recordings stretching back six years.

In addition, the AEF often receives Eaglets from other organizations that do not have their own release facility and also Eaglets that have fallen out of their nests in the wild, caring for or rehabilitating them until they can be released or providing a forever home for them if they sustained injuries which rendered them non-releasable.

The AEF has even rescued Bald Eagle eggs from potentially dangerous nesting sites (such as a lighting tower in a professional baseball park), and brought them safely back to our incubators, caring for them diligently, and ultimately releasing them into the wild.

One of the most well-known cases of webcam hacking revolves around Miss Teen USA winner Cassidy Wolf, who was tormented by an online stalker who captured nude images of her in her home using her webcam.

Wolf’s attacker had installed the infamous Blackshades malware on her laptop – a type of Trojan horse malware used to control computers remotely.

The company says it fixed one hole in its code and has asked for help from the "right external partners" for its investigation.

Later, he told me, “I just wanted to watch and let other people watch footage.”In most parts of the world, such a demand would be met by a polite refusal.

While Clark’s story is a scary one for anyone that owns a device with a built in webcam, it isn’t new.

Hackers have been targeting webcams, gaming consoles and baby monitors for years.

Users at (62 million), The vulnerable data includes some particularly sensitive details.

While it's not as bad as a 2015 breach, where sexual preferences were in the clear, the hack has revealed usernames, purchasing patters, internet addresses and easily crackable (or in some cases, unprotected) passwords.

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While the chances of someone going on a shopping spree with this info are slim, there's still plenty of risk involved.