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The friend reportedly added: ‘He’s bought into the showbiz life and its narcissism.’ Greg and Sheridan went public with their relationship at the beginning of the year, following the breakdown of his 15-year marriage to childhood sweetheart Catherine.

Though in the ensuing months, further details have emerged which suggest Greg had previously been having an affair with his Hollyoaks co-star Tamara Well.

Greg replied: "Well deserved babe, proud of you X"A source told The Sun Greg's estranged wife Catherine - with whom he has three children - isn't impressed with the relationship.We're almost sad that this is in our head, and not reality. How do you feel your life has changed in that time? I've realised I've been a bit more busy than I used to be, and that I've had to say no to some jobs, which I don't like to do because I'm so honoured that they'd want me.Well, we might not be watching TV with Sheridan, but we can watch her on it soon. I'm animal-mad, so my ideal date would probably be something involving going to see animals. And it's always nice to be swept off your feet a little bit. I just feel so paranoid that it's all going to end tomorrow. Because I didn't train, I always have this fear in my belly that I'm rubbish and suddenly everyone's going to realise. There are so many brilliant actors out there, so to be working and getting paid for doing what I love, I can't be any more thankful for that.Did Britain’s sweetheart Sheridan Smith get duped by Greg Wood in order for him to further his career?Speaking to the Mail On Sunday, an alleged friend of Greg’s ex-wife claimed the Hollyoaks bad boy felt ‘his acting potential is yet to be fulfilled and that, as Sheridan’s boyfriend, doors will open, his profile will be raised’.

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We're almost sad that this is in our head, and not reality.

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