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The accused man in the case, identified as Omar Abdullah al-Hasan, was also convicted of having sex outside of marriage - a serious offence in this conservative Gulf state.A court official, who spoke only on condition of anonymity, said that the man was from Syria.For years he’s been criss crossing back and forth between his home in the UK and Holland where his two daughters live with his ex-wife.

A pretty name disguising one of the ugliest of crimes.

Annie, from The Netherlands, had always wanted to experience what it would be like to be jailed.

And her wish finally came true after police in Nijmegen-Zuid, eastern Netherlands, granted her her wish of getting the ‘inside experience’.

No one can get out of such charges here in Qatar," he said.

Qatar: Dutch woman who alleged rape to appear in court Van Eechoud said the woman had asked her to convey the message to the media and the public to respect her privacy at this time.

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Pictures shared by the police on their Facebook page show Annie smiling with glee as she sat handcuffed and waving to the camera from within a cell.

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